Wheels on the bus…2nd Grade

The first time I had to ride the bus to school on a daily basis was when I was a freshman in High School.  I dreaded the whole idea and I can’t say it ever got to be great. My only consolation was that one of my best friends, Leslie, had to ride the bus too and was on my route.  We also got to school early enough to get last minute homework done. Our bus driver, Mr. Bachmeier, was known for speed, and making kids sick traveling the curvy, Boulder Canyon road. Most of my bus memories consist of me running down the gravel road with a backpack and some sort of athletic bag, which in the spring time was a bag of golf clubs.  To Bachy’s (as we affectionately called him) credit, if he saw me, he would slam on the breaks and I would breathlessly thank him for stopping.  There was more than one occasion that I missed the bus entirely and that never boded well either.  Not exactly good times.


One of the highlights of the move to the new house, for Bailey, was that she was going to be able to ride the bus.  We had filled out the proper paper work in May and Bailey was thrilled to get her bus number in the mail right before school started. Nate and I put our foot down about riding the bus to school, that is Daddy’s time, but on that first day of 2nd grade she could ride it home.


Bailey skipped off that bus the first day of school beaming like a ray of sunshine. She couldn’t stop talking about how great that bus was and all the friends that ride it.  It was THE highlight of the whole day. Bailey has been riding it home ever since.  I think it is partly getting to spend more time with friends and partly stretching her independence that makes the bust attractive to her.  She even walks down the street to our house all by herself on occasion. Although, she has come to find it isn’t so bad having her loving mom, sister and dog walk her home either.

This kid continues to surprise and impress me with how much more brave she is than I ever was at that age!  We are so proud of you Bailey Girl!

“…Feel so broke up, I wanna go home.”

It was sometime in the beginning of August while I was doing laundry and Mia was playing with her babies, that my little girl began to sing.  In her sweet little 3 year old voice the notes began to flow along with the words, “drink’n all night…doo-do-da-doo…got into a fight… ya, ya…I feel so broke up… I wanna go home…”. My first reaction was “Where did you hear that?” “Daddy.” she simply replied.  As she continued to the chorus, I was able to identify the the vaguely familiar tune. I didn’t know that Nate had been singing Sloop John B by the Beach Boys to Mia as he rocked her before bed all summer long. Mia didn’t know that it would soon be her Anthem song as she headed into preschool.


I decided to take a job at our Church as the Children’s Ministry Director toward the end of July. A real, live, very part time job! I had no plans of heading back to work until Mia was in Kindergarten, but God had other plans.  God also blessed us with a last minute spot for Mia in the Preschool at Seton.  Bailey was over the moon excited for Mia to be at her old school and Mia was excited to FINALLY be going to school too.  She had been showing everyone how big she was getting by stretching her arms and legs forward so that they could see the actual growth of her limbs, she was clearly “Big enough”. But the excitement only lasted for the first couple days. She went to Gym class where it was loud and the teacher blew a whistle and that was the last straw.  This whole preschool  thing was officially “the worst trip she’d ever been on”.


Feeling under the weather and Labor Day didn’t help our cause. Mornings were filled with tears and/or fits of anger. Nights before school were filled with anxiety and more tears. Though technically there was no all night drinking, there was a moment on the drive into work  that I thought about swinging into BJ’s for a bottle of wine.

Nate was my reassuring rock, constantly telling me she’s going to be fine. We would get through this. He took her to school and she became more clingy.

It was Hard.

REALLY hard.

But you know what?

She did it.

When I graduated college, my 4th grade teacher gifted me with a box of at least 20 of her treasured pins. Mrs. Treber was one of the BEST in the business and she collected pins. She always had at least one on if not a vest full. Some were sentimental, some moved, lit up or played music. Mia found her courage in Mrs. Treber’s Pins.  She now wears two pins and a smile to school.


It wasn’t just the pins of course. We have gotten more than a few Happy Meals as rewards for crossing milestones. Her teacher, Mrs. Sullivan is also incredible! Thankfully there were hardly any tears at school, but Mrs. Sullivan knew when Mia needed a hand to hold, a hug, and when to call her bluff. She is wonderfully, laid back and entirely concerned about having fun at school. We love her.

Mia is still not a big fan of Gym, but there are no more tears and she is having good days. We are so very proud of her. It is also great to see her proud of herself too. When I walk in to pick her up now, she gives me a giant hug, a big smile and declares, “I had a good day, today!” And that makes my heart sing!







Soccer Saturdays

We are becoming those parents.

You know the ones.  The parents you know are at the game because you can hear them.  The truth is that we are LOVING watching our kids play soccer and feel we are most helpful as undesignated sideline coaches encourage-rs.


Bailey is improving every game! She has become one of the leaders on her team and has more of a competitive spirit in her than we had anticipated.

Mia is having a blast this first year. She is the youngest on her team and has more fun running around watching her team mates than actually kicking the ball, no matter how much we yell for her to do otherwise.  Also our yelling has served as an equal distraction. Instead of going for the ball that is right in front of her she turns toward us as if to say “What’s that you say?”or “I’m sorry, were you trying to take my picture? Let me stop and smile for you.”


We had forgotten how funny they are at this age as they tend to travel around the ball in large groups.


The sisters tend to concentrate the same way, with their tongues out.


So you are guaranteed to find us at the fields this fall.  Hopefully enjoying beautiful weather and continuing to play  cheer from the sidelines.

Love’n some Olympics


This is how we’ve been spending our evenings this week. If Bailey isn’t sitting with me, she’s sitting with her dad late into the evening cheering on Team U.S.A.  Bailey kid was only three the last time Michel Phelps was in the water and I was falling in love with Gabby Douglas. This year is the first Olympics that she has been old enough to not just show interest but seems to have inherited my obsession. Swimming is her favorite so far.  We are both HUGE fans of Katie Ledecky, and I am still hoping Phelps continues to kick butt this year.  Her other interests include Gymnastics, Diving, Fencing, and Beach Volleyball. I’ve noticed that some of the athletes are close to my age or older (HELLO Oksana Chusovitina) and I think perhaps an Olympic run for me is still in the cards…Archery maybe.  But my dreams are definitely shifting this year and more and more my aspirations shift to looking something like Aly Raisman’s parents.  Bailey is dreaming too, doing gymnastics moves in the living room and swimming with goggles on in the bathtub. At night it is just the three of us on the couch whispering quiet cheers so as not to wake up Mia.  Nate commented last night that this is the sweetest way to finish out the summer and I couldn’t agree more.


Stratobowl Adventure

On Sunday we had a myriad of obligations and decided to make it a work day in between.  So Saturday was deemed fun day (if I’m honest most Saturdays are).  What to do?  The start of the Biker Rally put a damper on wanting to go too far but we thought a hike would be fun.  Nate found the Stratobowl on the internet and said it was pretty close.  I remembered the history of the Stratobowl being the place where they launched a somewhat flimsy balloon into the far reaches of the sky and that it was a big deal.  But I had no idea how close the site really was, right past Old McDonald’s Farm to be exact.It was a half mile hike into the bowl and a half mile back, which was perfect for the girls. No one loved being out and about more than Zara.


I had read more of the history out loud to everyone in the car on the drive up. I had an idea in my head of what I was expecting but it fell short to how massive this bowl really is.



I was more surprised to see that some lucky ducks actually have homes down there.  I assume it is one of them who mows the giant peace sign.

We tried to mark the occasion with a family selfie.  Mia kept complaining she couldn’t look at the camera because the sun hurt her eyes.  I thought she was crazy, it was the perfect overcast day, until I started looking through the pictures and realized I couldn’t get my eyes open.  I guess we need to practice and all wear sunglasses.


I strongly encourage you to look into this history yourself or stop by the Journey Museum to learn all about this historic place, but I will give you my “nutshell” version. In 1935 (the 30’s) A team of people assembled a balloon that would float up into the very ends of the earth’s atmosphere to perform a series of scientific tests. Air Corps Capt. Albert William Stevens, Capt. Orvil Arson Anderson and Maj. William E. Kepner were selected to man a giant lead ball to perform such tests.  They broke records as their lead ball climbed over 72,000 feet into the air. They were the first men to ever see the curvature of the earth and this accomplishment is considered to be the start of the space program.


AND if you can read that last paragraph, that is on one of the monuments at the site, they decided helmets might be a good idea and borrowed a couple from the Rapid City football team. I’m just now noticing it says two helmets and I was fairly certain there were three people on board. Perhaps one person thought as I would, at 72,000 feet a helmet isn’t going to help much.


We brought water and cookies and soaked in the site before heading back down the trail.  Mia made it both ways only needing a little bit  of a lift partway back.  I love this picture because they both have the same facial expression. It was the perfect adventure for a perfect day.

Ogden Scrapbook

A trip to Utah wasn’t in the plans this year, but Nate had a work trip he had to go on right around the time my parents were heading out to celebrate my nieces birthdays.  The stars had aligned and at the last minute the girls and I decided to head out to the celebrations.

We hit the ground running with a trip to the Children’s Museum in Salt Lake.  Where Bailey thoroughly enjoyed racing cars with the boys and experiencing the Hurricane winds with Papa.

Mia’s favorite part was riding the Train back to Ogden. She absolutely loved it. And if you ask her how it was she’ll say, “It was like this.” and then start swaying back and forth as if she was rocking back and forth on an old stage coach.  Which is exactly how she predicted it to be when she showed me what it would be like before hand.  Although, I believe train travel has become a bit smoother since the mid 1800’s, this commuter train lived up to her expectations.

The rest of our time there was a little more laid back with trips to parks to play and hike around and running through sprinklers in the back yard.

These two were our early birds.  They would get up and snuggle and play and mess around while we waited for the other two to wake up. They even had matching bed head.


We decided to tame the hair and get new dos for the birthday party.  Nora and Mia got their first hair cuts and I was able to talk Bails into getting a trim.


girls hair

Then it was time to celebrate these two sweet peanuts.  Nora turned 4 and Haley 2.


We reconnected with the Ewing kids which was also a highlight of the fun.

We decided to stay an extra night partly to see the Pioneer Days Fireworks and partly because I wasn’t packed.  So we got organized and had the best seats in town right in Holly’s front yard. Grandma Sharon declared it to be the best fireworks show she had ever seen. They were spectacular and very close. Too close for Mia and Camden’s comfort and they spent the fireworks in the van watching from Jesse’s lap.


We spent a perfect amount of time catching up with family and looked forward to reuniting with Nate.  As much fun as we had, we were missing Nate. Things are always more fun when he is around and we were anxious to get back home to see him. He in turn was more than anxious to see us, work trips are not quite as fun.

Sweet Seven

This sweet girl turned 7 back in April and I can’t tell you how much I love this picture.  It captures all that sweetness and excitement and pure joy she had celebrating her birthday.  I’m making a mental note right now, to find a way to emit that much joy at each one of my own birthdays no matter how high the numbers get.

IMG_20160417_205722 (1)


This year Bailey had her first “Friend Party”  where she wanted to have her nearest and dearest come to the pool with her. Nate and I chose a hotel with a fun pool that, when we checked it out the weekend before, would provide a quiet, intimate setting for the five friends to connect and have fun.  Unfortunately for us it was State wrestling weekend and every wrestler in the state was staying at our hotel. The girls could have cared less and keeping track of our girls in a sea of kids kept Nate and I on our toes. Bailey has been truly blessed with her friendships and it was no different on her birthday.


Her sister joined her for breakfast in bed on the 17th and we had our final family party at the house before moving the following week.  Mermaids were this years theme which meant a mermaid tail was in order. You may or may not know this but there is a WHOLE other world out there where you can spend anywhere from $100- upwards of $1000 on mermaid tails. You can also refer to yourself in your mermaid name. Which if I am correct, just means you put mermaid in front of your name.  You can now call me Mermaid Lacey.  I actually found all this research completely fascinating and found myself yearning for a silicone mermaid tail. But my husband pulled me back to reality making note that Bailey is still a beginner swimmer and we don’t know how long this mermaid phase would last (not that I really wanted it for me or anything). So it came to be that I made her tail.  She LOVED it!  So much so that she wore it around her birthday party, which was more of a gift to me that anything.

Sweet girl,

Hold fast to that JOY.

Hold fast to that WONDER.

Hold fast to that EXCITEMENT.

God continues to fashion you into something more incredible each year.

You are truly worth CELEBRATING!